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The Big Walnut Youth Athletic Association (BWYAA) is an independent 501c3 youth football and cheerleading program founded in Sunbury, Ohio in 1974. Our volunteer organization serves approximately 400 four to twelve year olds in and around the Big Walnut community. Participants in our program enjoy either football or cheer programming. WIthin this programming are four Divisions: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior. Continue reading for additional information.


In 2015, the BWYAA created a Freshman and Sophomore Flag Division. These Flag Divisions are for flag football players in Preschool or Kindergarten, ages four (4) to five (5) and flag football players in 1st and 2nd grade, six (6) to seven (7). In 2018, the BWYAA created a Junior Flag Division for football players in 3rd and 4th grade, ages seven (7) to nine (9). Our Junior Tackle Division welcomes football players in 3rd and 4th grade, ages seven (7) to nine (9). And finally, our Senior Tackle Division is for football players in 5th and 6th grade, ages ten (10) to twelve (12). The BWYAA does not accept participants who turn thirteen (13) before July 1st of the current calendar year. Team assignments requests in our Junior and Senior Division are not honored, but we attempt to comply in our Flag Divisions.


Our Mini-Flag Division is for cheerleaders in Preschool, four (4) year olds; these cheerleaders are assigned to the Flag Cadets. Our Flag Division is for cheerleaders in Kindergarten, five (5) year olds; these cheerleaders are assigned to the High Steppers. Our Junior Division is for cheerleaders in 1st through 3rd grades while our Senior Division is for cheerleaders in the 4th through 6th grades.



The BWYAA mission is to foster growth and confidence in young people in a structured environment; to ensure each participant has a positive experience and learns the importance of sportsmanship and teamwork; to prepare each participant for the Middle School experience in the sport in which they have chosen; and to provide each volunteer Coach the support and resources necessary to create a fun and learning environment regardless of the participants race, religion, nation of origin or ability.


The BWYAA will accomplish our mission by sensitizing our volunteer Coaches to their responsibilities; requiring completion of the National Alliance for Youth Sports coaches certification training; complying with House Bill 143 regarding concussion awareness; reviewing materials and methods used within the Big Walnut Local Schools sports program; engaging strategic and forward thinking partners; developing mentorships between coaches; providing our participants access to starting positions and leadership roles throughout the season; and by holding our Board of Directors, Coaches, Parents, Spectators and Participants accountable to a responsible Code of Ethics.


Ask anyone who has lived in Sunbury more than forty years how the Big Walnut Youth Athletic Association (BWYAA) formed and the answer is rarely the same. It seems everyone's father, mother, aunt, uncle or grandparent was integral with its formation and many, many more involved with its development. This is not to suggest we are being misinformed; time has stolen people, challenged memories and eliminated most of the documentation. Accepted as fact is the BWYAA was officially given life on Thursday, September 12, 1974. On that date, the Articles of Incorporation submitted by Clifford E. Hill, Ray L. Grden and William F. Richardson were accepted by the State of Ohio creating the BWYAA as a non-profit youth sports program. At that time, the BWYAA became the first officially recognized youth sports venue in the Village of Sunbury. Our specified purpose was "the organization, supervision, and regulation of individual and team athletic events for the children of the Big Walnut School District community, and all things necessary and incident thereto." The history of our program, however, is rooted much deeper than the approval of a license to operate. The BWYAA stands as a testament to volunteerism and community support spanning over four decades.


The responsiblity of managing the BWYAA is challenging and time-consuming. Over the past forty five years many community members have been involved to keep our program moving forward. It is without question former BWYAA Presidents are successful only through the support and effort of a solid Board of Directors, excellent Coaches, League Sponsors and the dedicated efforts of our amazing Volunteers. While this page memorializes the tenure of former Presidents, it also is intended to recognize the efforts of so many countless volunteers!

1974-1977: Clifford Hill

1978-1979: David P. Charness

1980-1981: Dennis Edwards

1982-1983: Shelby Williams

1984-1985: Kenneth William Downey

1986-1991: Ned Fletcher

1992-1993: Scott McKenzie

1994-1995: Ned Fletcher

1996-1997: Randy Russell

1998-2005: Scott McKenzie

2006-2007: John Scanlon

2008-2009: Frank Roberto

2010-2011: Jeff Tutorow

2012-2015: Eric Montgomery

2016-Present: Frank Whitt

The BWYAA is looking forward to the next 45 years and the various leaders who will address the challenges that come with organized youth sports. It difficult to image what the next 45 years will bring!


The BWYAA has many strategic partnerships to help center our program on the participant experience. Each of our partners is a leader in their fields and is known for being forward thinking around the development and protection of the youth sports experience. The BWYAA is proud to have each as a member of our extended team.  

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