League FAQs

1) Since you are a volunteer program, are there opportunities to help?

Absolutely! Our program is built entirely on volunteers contributing to every part of our organization. Every football team and cheerleading squad needs a Team Mom (or Dad) to organize concession stand schedules, coordinate a snack schedule and assist in planning the team's year end banquet. We also need a Head Coach and Assistant as well as a Concession Stand Manager. The needs are endless.

If you are interested in coaching or assisting, please include the information during registration. We also need a Concession Manager and help with field set up and tear down (among other things). Please contact your Head Coach, any of our Board Members or attend our league meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at the Lion's Building just above JR Smith Park.

2) What are the Good Luck Ads I keep hearing about?

The BWYAA publishes a color program complete with team photos, action shots and sponsors. The program also includes Good Luck Ads which parents, grandparents, siblings - heck, anybody - can add. They are color business card sized ads and can read, "Good Luck, Max and the 2013 Chargers," "Have a great season, Bean!" or anything creative you can come up with. They often include small clip art images to really make them pop. This is also a way for the BWYAA to limit fundraising efforts.

3) How do I become a Coach?

Generally, in order to become a Head Coach you have to pass a background screening through Reference Services, become a certified Head Coach through NAYS, complete concussion awareness training through NAYS, attend BWYAA League Meetings and attend a BWYAA mandatory coaches clinic. Contact any of our Board Members for additional information.

If you are not interested in being a coach but would like to help on the field, you simply need to approach the coach and once approval is obtained, complete a Volunteer application and successfully pass a background screening . Any volunteer who has contact with our participants is required to complete this step.

4) Will the BWYAA program prepare my participant or play for the Middle School program?

For our cheerleading program, our focus is on teamwork, participation and on building friendships but we are also interested in providing your child with skills to carry her forward. We do not currently teach tumbling or stunts but your child will learn fundamentals both at cheer camp and throughout the season. Approximately 50% of the participants on the 2012 Middle School cheerleading program began in the BWYAA program.

For our tackle football program, we practice the same fundamentals as the Middle School and use the same formations, play calls and terminology. Approximately 75% of the players on the 2015 Middle School football program began in the BWYAA program.

5) Can I leave practice and run errands?

The BWYAA recommends parents or guardians remain at practice. While cheering is generally a safe sport, injuries or emergencies are always possible. The coach cannot transport your child to a medical center nor can he or she consent to treatment.

6) What is the BWYAA Conditioning Camp?

The BWYAA Conditioning Camp is for our Junior and Senior Division tackle football teams and cheerleading squads. It is an opportunity for our teams to come together as an organization, build comradarie and get to know our football and cheer coaches.

7) How much more money will I have to spend?

Team Snack (optional): Other than the player equipment mentioned in another FAQ, your team may want to coordinate a snack schedule for the players. Generally teams opt to purchase a hot dog and Gatorade or donut and water from our Concession Stand following their games - instead of remembering to bring their own. The fee depends on the number of players on each team but is usually less than $20.

Team Pictures (optional): The BWYAA contracts team and individual photos to Siders Photography. The fees vary depending on the package you choose but can be as little as $16.00. Siders is also available to take candid photos of your player, like those seen throughout our website and our League Program.

Team Banquet (optional): Your team may coordinate a Team Banquet at the end of the year. The fees vary depending on the venue and food options you choose. Your Team Mom and Head Coach coordinate this activity.

8) When and where are games played?

Games will begin Labor Day weekend and run through late October. All games are played at JR Smith Park in Sunbury, Ohio.

The regular season begins with our Conditioning Camp in July and ends the last weekend in October.

9) Is there a fundraiser?

The BWYAA manages a concession stand on Saturday's during our games. The money earned through this program is used to purchase new equipment and update our uniform and equipment inventory. We encourage all participants and visitors to use our Concession Stand for game day snacks. All profits are returned to the program and is for a great cause!

10) Can my child play up in a Division if I believe they are able?

No, as a pratice our football players are not permitted to play outside the division in which his or her age defines. While it seems strict, we do not allow cheerleaders to move up, either.

Page updated 02-2016