Tackle Football FAQs

1) What do I need to purchase for my player to participate in tackle football?

The BWYAA provides a helmet with chinstrap, shoulder pads, mouth guard and practice and game uniforms. You provide rubber soled cleats, socks and an athletic supporter with a protector.

2) Can you tell me more about the season, including practices and games?

The regular season begins with our Conditioning Camp in July and ends the last weekend in October. Each team can have three full contact practices after BWYAA Conditioning Camp up until school begins. After school begins the Junior Division is allowed to practice twice per week. The Senior Division, on the other hand, is allowed to practice three times per week after school begins but one of those practices must be non-contact practice. The Senior Division is given additional practice liberty to help prepare those players for Middle School football. Practices are held at public facilities within the Village of Sunbury. Most teams practice at Freedom Park, Big Walnut Elementary and Big Walnut Intermediate Middle School. Your Head Coach will tell you where your practice will be held. There are no private practices or practices held at residences.

Games usually begin the weekend after Labor Day and run through the last weekend in October. Tackle games are scheduled at various times with games lasting about an hour. All games are played at JR Smith Park in Sunbury, Ohio.

3) Can I leave practice and run errands?

The BWYAA recommends parents or guardians remain at practice. Football is a contact sport and emergencies are always possible. The coach cannot transport your child to a medical center nor can he or she consent to treatment.

4) What are the BWYAA Conditioning Camp and Skills Assessment?

The BWYAA hosts our mandatory, four day Conditioning Camp each July. We require all players wear their helmets and cleats to Conditioning Camp so we resolve helmet fitting issues before making contact at practice.

Any new player to the BWYAA is required to attend Skills Assessment. Our Skills Assessment provides coaches with tools and information to balance their teams and maintain a competitive and fun program. It should be noted players moving up to the Senior Division from the Colts or Raiders are required to attend Skills Assessment as are all Flag football participants entering Junior Division football. The returning 5th grade Colts and Raiders attend Skills Assessment becuase they are drafted to other Senior Division teams.

5) Do I have to work in the Concession Stand?

Yes, each family is required to spend one hour working in the Concession Stand on one day throughout the season. Because players and cheerleaders are asked to be at JR Smith Park one hour before game time, we ask you to work when you will be there anyway. The Concession Stand is critical to cover operating expenses and maintain our low Program Fees.

6) When do we pick up our football equipment?

Each team is provided a scheduled time and date to pick up their equipment. Additionally, you will be assigned a time and date to return your equipment to the league at the end of the season. For returning Junior and Senior Division football players, this is a change. The Head Coaches will no longer accept equipment at team banquets.

5) Do you honor team requests?

You can enter this request in the notes section during the registration process. Coaches are provided this information prior to our draft but they are not required to honor them. This policy is to prevent 'stacking' of teams.

6) Can my child play outside the Division in which his age determines?

It is in the best interest of our participants to play in the Division to which they are eligible and players are not approved to play up.

The BWYAA Board of Directors can be petitioned to allow a player to play down. Many factors influence the decision. Any player who is granted permission to play down will play as a lineman and is ineligible to carry the ball or play quarterback. More information about restrictions can be found in our BWYAA By-Laws and Rules.

7) When or how is my player assigned to a team?

If your son is new to the program he or she will be assigned to a team after our league draft which occurs the week before Conditioning Camp. If you son is a returning player within the same Division, he will be reassigned to the previous year's team unless you request he or she be placed in the draft. There are six teams within the Junior Division that are feeder teams for the Senior Division. If your son is on one of those six teams he or she will be assigned to the feeder team unless you request he or she be placed in the draft. Once assigned, the coaches will contact families and pass along pertinent information like practice times, locations and team meetings.

8) Do you host a tournament?

The BWYAA hosts the Eagle Classic the first weekend in November. The tournament is for the 4th grade class and 6th grade class only. Our participation in the tournament is a way of preparing our 4th grade for the competitive level of the Senior Division and is a way to celebrate and send off our 6th graders to Middle School football.

9) Does my child need a physical?

Yes, all participants are required to have physicals before team practices begin. During the registration process you will receive a copy of our physical form.

10) Can I still drop off my equipment at our team banquet?

This year all teams are required to return their equipment to the storage shed where it will be checked for age, damages or alterations. This process will finalize your obligation to the rental agreement and help the BWYAA prepare for the upcoming season. Equipment will not be accepted at team banquets. Should equipment not be returned, your Head Coach will make two attempts to contact you and, in a worse case scenario, the BWYAA will engage local law enforcement.

Page updated 02-2016