Flag Football FAQs

1) What do I need to purchase for my player to participate in flag football?

The BWYAA provides a mouth guard and you provide game pants. Most participants have pants left over from t-ball which are perfectly acceptable.

2) Can you tell me more about the season, including practices and games?

Practices usually begin the fourth week in July. Each team can practice for one and a half hours twice a week until school starts. After school begins, practices are reduced to once a week. Practices are held at public facilities within the Village of Sunbury. Most teams practice at Freedom Park, Big Walnut Elementary, Harrison Street and Big Walnut Intermediate Middle School. Your Head Coach will tell you where your practice will be held. There are no private practices or practices held at residences.

Games usually begin the weekend after Labor Day and run through the last weekend in October. All games are played at JR Smith Park in Sunbury, Ohio.

3) Do I have to work in the Concession Stand?

Yes, each family is required to spend one hour working in the Concession Stand on one day throughout the season. Because players and cheerleaders are asked to be at JR Smith Park one hour before game time, we ask you to work when you will be there anyway. The Concession Stand is critical to cover operating expenses and maintain our low Program Fees.

4) When do we pick up our football equipment?

Flags and jerseys are provided to the head coach at the beginning of the season. Flags are returned to the coaches after each game and the jerseys are returned at the end of the season.

5) Do you honor team requests?

Every effort is made to accommodate team requests and requests to play on the same team as a friend at this level. While we cannot guarantee the assignment will be made, the league will make every effort to do so.

6) Can my child play outside the Division in which his age determines?

At this level, we do not approve children playing in the Junior Division program when their age does not permit it. It is in the best interest of our participants to play in the Division to which they are eligible. If, however, a player wishes to play down, the BWYAA Board of Directors can be petitioned. Many factors influence the decision and any player who is granted permission to play down will play as a lineman and is ineligible to carry the ball or play quarterback.

7) When or how is my player assigned to a team?

Once registration closes, participants will be assigned to a team by the Flag Commissioner. Once assigned, the coaches will contact families and pass along pertinent information like practice times, locations and team meetings. This contact is usually made the 3rd week in July.

8) I know the BWYAA is a program for football and cheer, but can my daughter play Flag Football?

Absolutely, the flag football program is open to boys and girls!

9) What is the Superbowl I keep hearing about?

The Superbowl is an amazing event where the BWYAA spotlights our Flag Football Program. At the end of the season, we turn on the lights and allow our football players to play in an exciting atmosphere where they are the center of attention. Our Flag Cadets and High Steppers also perform a half-time performance that should not be missed.

10) After I sign my child up to play, how will I know what team he's on?

Once registration closes, your child will be assigned to a team. That team's coach will contact you and pass along pertinent information like practice time, practice location, and team meetings. These phone calls usually take place the 3rd week in July, with practices starting the 4th week.

Page updated 02-2016