Cheerleading FAQs

1) Can you tell me more about the season, including practices and games?

Practices usually begin the fourth week in July for all of our Division and last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. Our Flag Cadets and High Steppers, on the other hand, are generally not expected to practice for more than a half hour to forty-five minutes at a time. It is typical for cheerleaders to practice two times per week until school starts. After school begins, some teams choose to practice once a week. Your coach will provide a practice schedule when she contacts you. Practices are held at public facilities within the Village of Sunbury. Most teams practice at Freedom Park, Big Walnut Elementary, Harrison Street and Big Walnut Intermediate Middle School. Your Head Coach will tell you where your practice will be held. There are no private practices or practices held at residences.

Games usually begin the weekend after Labor Day and run through the last weekend in October. All games are played at JR Smith Park in Sunbury, Ohio.

2) Can we keep the uniforms?

No, the uniforms are on loan for the duration of the season. When the league has outdated uniforms we sometimes sell them but generally do not have them for every team. Please note the uniforms cannot be altered in any way.

3) Do cheerleaders cheer in the rain?

Yes, the cheerleaders will cheer in most weather conditions. Your girls may wear any clothing appropriate for the weather, including items that cover their uniform if needed. Coats, leggings, turtlenecks, hats, scarves and mittens or gloves are recommended for cold-weather games.

4) Do cheerleaders cheer for the entire game?

During the mid-day performance, High Steppers and Flag Cadets cheer for just the first half of the Flag Game. Junior and Senior Division cheerleaders, on the other hand, cheer for the entire game.

5) Do I have to work in the Concession Stand?

Yes, each family is required to spend one hour working in the Concession Stand on one day throughout the season. Because players and cheerleaders are asked to be at JR Smith Park one hour before game time, we ask you to work when you will be there anyway. The Concession Stand is critical to cover operating expenses and maintain our low Program Fees.

6) When will we pick up our cheerleading uniforms?

Our Cheer Vice President will communicate team schedules at a later date.

7) When or how is my cheerleader assigned to a team?

Once registration closes, participants will attend a uniform fitting session. As a general rule, we will assign siblings to the same team when they fall within the same Division; however this is not a guarantee. Returning cheerleaders will be reassigned to their same team if they meet the criteria to return to the same Division. New cheerleaders will be assigned based on available uniforms and squad sizes.

8) What is the Superbowl I keep hearing about?

The Flag Division Superbowl is an amazing event where the BWYAA spotlights our Flag Football Program. At the end of the season, we turn on the lights and allow our flag football teams to play in an exciting atmosphere where they are the center of attention. Our Flag Cadets and High Steppers perform a half-time show that should not be missed. For our Junior Division Program, the Junior Division Cheerleaders put on an equally impressive halftime show for all of the teams present.

9) Can I leave practice and run errands?

The BWYAA recommends parents or guardians remain at practice. While cheering is generally a safe sport, injuries or emergencies are always possible. The coach cannot transport your child to a medical center nor can he or she consent to treatment.

10) When, where, and how often do cheerleaders practice?

This varies from coach to coach, but typically cheerleaders will practice twice a week until the season starts, then once a week after that. Younger girls generally have shorter practices (30-45 minutes per practice) than older girls; your coach will tell you more about this when she contacts you before the season begins. Practices always take place in a public spot, usually a school or park, and are never held at a coach's house.

Page updated 02-2016