Past Presidents

The responsiblity of managing the BWYAA is challenging and time-consuming. Over the past forty years many community members have been involved to keep our program moving forward. As a President of the BWYAA, decisions involve everything from purchasing new equipment to what should be served in the Concession Stand. It is without question former BWYAA Presidents are successful only through the support and effort of a solid Board of Directors, excellent Coaches, League Sponsors and the dedicated efforts of our amazing Volunteers. While this page memorializes the tenure of former Presidents, it also is intended to recognize the efforts of so many countless volunteers!

1974-1977: Clifford Hill

1978-1979: David P. Charness

1980-1981: Dennis Edwards

1982-1983: Shelby Williams

1984-1985: Kenneth William Downey

1986-1991: Ned Fletcher

1992-1993: Scott McKenzie

1994-1995: Ned Fletcher

1996-1997: Randy Russell

1998-2005: Scott McKenzie

2006-2007: John Scanlon

2008-2009: Frank Roberto

2010-2011: Jeff Tutorow

2012-2015: Eric Montgomery

2016-Present: Frank Whitt

The BWYAA is looking forward to the next 40 years and the various leaders who will address the challenges that come with organized youth sports. It difficult to image what the next 40 years will bring!


Page updated 02-2016