Strategic Partners

The BWYAA has many strategic partnerships to help center our program on the participant experience. Each of our partners is a leader in their fields and is known for being forward thinking around the development and protection of the youth sports experience. The BWYAA is proud to have each as a member of our extended team. By clicking on the partner name, their website will be launched in a separate window.

Bonzi League Management: Bonzi's mission is to make registration, website management and league communication easier for programs around the United States. Our social media tools, group email, text messaging and on-line registration are as a result of this platform change. These improvements derive from the partnership we formed with Bonzi League Management in 2013.

National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS): NAYS seeks to make the sports experience safe, fun and healthy for all children. They promote the value and importance of sports and physical activities for the emotional, physical, social and mental development of youth. NAYS believes participation in sports and activities develops important character traits and lifelong values. In addition, that the lives of youngsters can be positively impacted by their participation in sports and physical activities if the adults involved have proper training and information. The BWYAA utilizes NAYS to certify all Head Coaches in the most effective ways to promote a positive youth football and cheerleading experience. We have done so since 2005 and we became a recognized Chapter in 2013.

Big Walnut Local Schools: Though the BWYAA is an independent youth sports program, many of our league coaches coach for the Big Walnut Local Schools as well. We have reciprocal communication between our District coaches and our league. Much of the cirriculumn we use in our program is from the partnership we have developed over the years.

Nationwide Children's Hospital: Nationwide Children's Sports Medicine has a team of experts who specialize in the treatment and prevention of injuries to the pediatric and adolescent athlete. The BWYAA partnered with Nationwide in 2012 to provide our coaches with training to properly condition our athletes with dynamic warm up techniques and to provide a Certified Athletic Trainer on game day to respond to field injuries.

Reference Services: Reference Services focuses exclusively on screening youth sports coaches to provide Bonzi customers with this essential service. All BWYAA coaches, assistants and volunteers required to pass a background screening. The BWYAA encourages all of the youth sports programs in our community to do the same.

Riddell: Riddell equipment helps the BWYAA maintain proper and the most current football equipment and uniforms within our operating budget. Their equipment is seen on baseball and softball fields, basketball and volleyball courts, and in track and field events throughout the country. Though original records are no longer available, Riddell has been a part of the BWYAA since our incorporation in 1974.

Page updated 02-2016