NAYS Memberships and Approved Volunteer List

Coaches, listed below are two documents. The first document is the NAYS Membership Report and the second document is the Approved Volunteer List. In order to be eligible to coach, your NAYS Membership must remain active through November 15th of the current calendar year. Additionally, if you do not see an individual's name on the Approved Volunteer List then they are unable to assist you at any level. If you would like an assistant or someone simply wants to help, refer them to our webpage. They should use the instructions listed under Become A Volunteer: First Steps and should refer to the Become An Assistant instructions. Once they complete and pass our background check this list will be updated.

NAYS Membership Report

Report Effective 09/02/2014

Approved Volunteer List

Coaches, a comprehensive list of approved Volunteers will be posted in 07/2015 and updated monthly (or more if required). If your assistants or volunteers are not listed on this list they cannot assist during practice in any form. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Page updated: 04-2015